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Bayman Movie 4!

2008-07-12 07:45:53 by Mechabot

Well I have just started the first few frames of the Babyman movie 4 animating at 20 fps.


Bayman Movie 4!

Babyman Movie 4?

2008-07-01 17:05:53 by Mechabot

I am thinking of starting the Babyman Movie 4. If you have any ideas, please post!

Madness Animating.

2008-04-19 10:32:16 by Mechabot

I started trying to animate flash at 33 fps and it turns out im pretty good at it! Also, NEW SIG!!!


2007-12-31 03:46:29 by Mechabot

My flash got through!!! Thanks to everyone who voted 3 and above!!!
I also added a cool menu.

Well, looks like it is the end of 2007. I like 2007. I dont want to go to 2008.


2007-12-30 16:15:53 by Mechabot

OMG I have mai first submission on newgrounds!!! CLICK ERE!!!


2007-12-21 09:33:30 by Mechabot

Im making something for newgrounds and it will be out by christmas

PS if you leave any bad comments which are to purely to insult me, i will delete them so there is no point in doing so.


2007-11-08 15:29:09 by Mechabot

Get out of my profile