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2007-12-31 03:46:29 by Mechabot

My flash got through!!! Thanks to everyone who voted 3 and above!!!
I also added a cool menu.

Well, looks like it is the end of 2007. I like 2007. I dont want to go to 2008.


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2008-01-03 07:23:16

I dunno, it still feels like it's the 34th of December.

Mechabot responds:



2008-01-11 18:14:55

It's not the 11th, I'm telling you that it's the 42nd of December now.

Mechabot responds:



2008-02-20 14:21:29

Hey, why've you not been on MSN?

Not 1337 enough?

Mechabot responds:

Fuck off..


2008-03-09 15:16:11

good on ya but if you use paint and make LOADS of images and then put them together with windows movie maker it makes you feel more proud of yourself even if you get 2 or 1 or 0 well i do thast anyway but you just all use the easier version called stupid worthless flash anyway you rock no matter what the score is

Mechabot responds:

No i wont feel proud, i would feel like crap. Plus flash 8 rules and if you hate it, then you suck.


2008-03-15 09:29:14

Fucking hell ben, learn to type.

Mechabot responds:



2008-04-19 14:43:42

7|-|15 |>057 15 4|30|_|7 4|=4'5 |/|3\/\/ |>1(. /|1(3